8 Tips for Your First Craft Stall

This weekend Stag And Doe Craft attended the Hemingford village market. A Monthly pop-up market in the village the stag grew up in.  It was our very first ever craft stall and I learnt an awful lot from it! So here is a list of 8 things I learnt at a craft fair:

1 – Timings -You DO NOT need a whole hour to set up when you have 30 stuffed critters and a few bits of leather work… but it is nice to chat to other people there to sell during the set up time.

2 – Standing up works better than sitting down- For the first hour and a half we sat in our chairs – The stag was finishing up some stock he hadn’t got round to stitching and I was making one last fish for my fishbowl. We decided as we had had one sale that maybe we should try standing up and do a sort of experiment – We would stand for an hour and if things hadn’t picked up by then we would sit back down again (we were both pretty tired any way! It was an early start!!) Turns out standing worked and sales picked up for the rest of the morning.

3 – People give you good ideas! – I had requests for a squid, a pink version of one of my blue octopuses, some bees, and some monster finger puppets. I have since completed the squid and the pink octopus, now I just need to work on some bees and finger puppets!

4 – ALWAYS TAKE A FIRST AID KIT!! – A lady asked me for one of our business cards, so I handed her one and all of a sudden the back of my hand was bleeding?! out of nowhere! luckily a quick trip to the loo and a dab of toilet paper saved the day, but I will remember a first aid kit for next time!

5 – You will need more change than you think! – three quarters of the way through the day an absolute genius of a person gave me a £20 note for a £2 key ring. We had run out of £5 notes, and were almost out of £1 coins! So that poor guy had to have quite a few 50ps!

6 – Don’t be afraid to do deals or take orders- There was a gentleman interested in some of my clouds, each priced at £7.50 – So We did a deal, he could have 3 for £20! it saved him £2.50. But we sold 3 clouds and he asked if it would be alright if I made them up and delivered them to him. We drive right by his house often so It was no problem and meant that We could go on to sell the ones we had with us!

7 – Be nice! – There was a kid helping her mum out with another stall. She kept coming along and having a look at all the lovely things we had and had quite a hard time deliberating over what she wanted. Every time she walked through to the cafe to get her mum a cup of tea she slowed down to look. It was really sweet and made me feel really proud of my critters! She spent just over £10 on a couple of key rings and an alpaca, then she came back later with a little of her change for another key ring. So I told to have it! She had made me feel so good that giving her a 15-minute-make key ring felt right. And the smile on her face was worth it!

8 – Some things sell better in person – I wasn’t expecting the crochet to do so well. Fathers day is coming up and I thought people would be all over the stags wallets and pen holders. But not a single leather item sold that day. We discussed it after and came to the decision that people will impulse buy a small octopus but you generally go out specifically to buy a wallet, and you don’t go to a pop up market for that. There was also quite a lot of kids at the village market and they played a huge part in convincing parents to part with their cash!

So there we are! 8 things I learned from my first craft stall! What are your top tips for new craft fair goers?


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