6 Things I Learnt From Crochet!

There are many things you can learn from crochet! How to make hats and toys and blankets to start with, but here are 6 of the less obvious things I have learnt from this wonderful hobby:
6 things I have learnt from crochet- maths, calm, patience, humility, frogging, friends
Crochet Lessons
  1. Maths- I could never ever ever do my times tables at school, I could never get my head around why I would need to know that 6 lots of 8 is 48… until I started making amigurumis that is! now I am a complete whizz at times tables! Mrs. Brown would be proud!
  2. Calm- Some people meditate, others do yoga, I crochet and my mind goes blank, everything disappears into the strands of yarn and I find my zen 🙂 Focusing so entirely on a pattern, even if it is one I already know by heart means that there is little room for any other thoughts to come into my head! My breathing slows and everything calms down. I always like to carry some crochet in my bag, just in case something happens and I need to force myself to calm down!
  3. Patience- It is so difficult to count higher than 50! I am making an octopus at the moment and for his tentacles I have to chain 51. I have done this 8 times, and every time I have been interrupted by someone or something! and so in reality I have counted to 51 at least 16 times!  It takes a lot of patience to count out 200 chains for a blanket! My boyfriend has learnt not to ask me anything when I am muttering under my breath! but to make things easier for the super long chain counts I use stitch markers every 10 or 20!
  4. Humility- No matter how good you think you are, you will have to frog something! – I guess this is a lesson in humbleness. I always find that if I think I can crochet that thing really easily, “it’ll be a breeze”, then I will have to frog the majority of it! whereas if I go in thinking “hey, this is a tricky pattern” I won’t have to frog nearly as much. I guess this is because with the more tricky patterns I pay a lot more attention to trying to perfect them and getting them right!
  5. Frogging is OK! – There is nothing wrong with undoing something. If you have to undo so you can re-crochet that bit, and make it better so you can move past it then surely it is worth that little bit (or sometimes a lot!) of undoing. There are so many times in life where this could be applicable, it just happens more when I crochet!
  6. Friends- For a solitary hobby it can be very friendly! – How many friends have I made over the internet through my crochet? quite a few! and I’ve made a fair few in real life too! I love meeting people at all sorts of events!

Have you learnt anything from learning to crochet? let me know!

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