Under The Sea

I am completely obsessed with making sea creatures at the moment! I have done octopi and jellyfish and sea turtles and whales and even a squid! but right now my obsession is with plain old little fish!

I sat down one evening with a tiny left over ball of yarn from my stash with the thoughts of making something small to use it up and after 2 or 3 attempts of trial and error and frogging and tweaking I came up with the pattern for this little guy! small crochet fish - goldfish - sea creature - yellow fish - amigurumi fish

I think you will agree he is quite adorable! I have since written the pattern down and finally got round to taking pictures for a photo tutorial of how to make him! If you would like to have a look the pattern is on my raverly page. Or Sign up to my mailing list as I will be sending out a voucher code for him very soon!

I have found that these little fishies work up beautifully quickly and they look awesome filling up a small plastic goldfish bowl!

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