Things I am frogging – June

As I mentioned in 6 things I have learnt from crochet frogging is a very useful thing! So I decided to make an entire post to show you all of the things in my bag of “things to frog”

so, let’s get on with it!

Number 1 and Number 2- These two attempts at arm knitting. I want to learn to knit, and I guess I sort of did with these two, but I don’t like how they look… I think I need to get some super chunky wool to try it with to see of that works a bit better

IMG_1791Number 3 – This TARDIS Christmas jumper. I drew up a cute little pixel doodle of the TARDIS with Christmas lights wrapped around it and I really wanted to make it into a jumper! and I had plenty of wool in my stash so I went for it! I began with tunisian crochet to make the front and it looked really good! but I was starting to hate the pink by the time I got to the second lot of TARDIS panels and then Christmas was over and now it is June and I really just need to frog it and maybe start again for next christmas…

IMG_1787Number 4 – More Christmas stuff! I found these hidden away in a project bag inside another project bag… a tiny little stocking with an unfinished heel and the starts of a star blanket that needs more than just blocking to get it lye flat. So these are being frogged too… or maybe I should just finish up that little stocking :/ I’ll have to work out what size hook I was using and make up some sort of pattern for finishing the heel!

Number 5 – My 2017 mood and temperature blanket. My mood for the day was recorded in the circle and the temperature in the second row making the square. I was just terrible at writing down my mood and the temperature each day. I completed January, and was half way through February. I actually have my records up until mid March, but half of them were made up 2 weeks later… As I frog this one the small scrappy bits will be made into turtle key rings which will be going up on the etsy shop soon!


Number 6 – This vague attempt at block stitch. I have been trying to teach myself to block stitch for a while and to be able to use it to graph things with. I want to make a really cute blanket with it! And I am slowly getting there I think! I have the first square done any way! but it does mean that I have had quite a few bits that have needed frogging!

So there we go! a rather long list of things I need to get sorted and undo! Maybe I can convince the Stag to help me out with it!

What are you frogging at the moment?


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