Harry Potter 20th Anniversary House Cup CAL

I am taking part in the Nerdy Hookers “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary House Cup CAL“. Every one has chosen their house ( I am a Pencil-Gryppindor!!) and we are all crocheting and knitting as much as we can! The overall goal is to be the house who have used up the most yardage making only Harry Potter related things!

So far I have made 2 pygmy puffs and 8 turtles keyrings, 2 each in each of the house colours! I would really love to make another blanket! but unfortunately I have been told I am not allowed to make any more blankets unless it is a commission!! So I am planning on making lots of little amigurumis of various different things! I am definitely planning some owls, and maybe I will make another Niffler so I can write down the stitch counts this time 😀

Unfortunatley it is too late to join the Cal, but the group is awesome any way, so if you have a Raverly account and like nerdy crochet things then you should go join!!

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