*** Knit crate are currently having a competition in honour of the “evolution” of the monthly yarn club they will be unveiling soon! sign up to the mailing list here for a $5 off coupon and if you can get your friends to sign up too then you might be in with the chance to win some yarn!!***

Knitcrate is a wonderful little subscription box service. I have never had one of these boxes (there unfortunately no space in my budget for that sort of thing with a house move coming up!) but I absolutely love the idea of yarn subscription services. They deliver world wide too, most of the other ones I have found don’t do this!

There are 3 different type of knitcrate boxes:

  • The Artisan Crate – In here you get premium yarn, a pattern extra goodies and promo codes and other things
  • The Sock Crate – similar to the artisan crate but with sock weight yarn!
  • The Crochet Crate!!!!!- I can’t knit so I’m super excited about this one! – In this box you get premium yarn, a patern and extra goodies too!

Knitcrate also have a shop where you can buy yarn and plenty of other knitting and crochet goodies too! Which is great! If you really really like a yarn in one of the boxes you can pick up another skein!

If you want to check out knit crate then please do so through this link, I will earn stash points that lead to coupons 😉 This way I might be able to get a box to review for you all!

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