Too Many Eggs!

My mum complained the other day that now that we have 5 chickens we are getting too many eggs to carry back from the chicken run at the bottom of the garden! she dropped one on the lawn and the dog decided to clear it up before she got to it! So I figured I could make here *something* to help!

I basically made up the the whole thing!  I started with a circle in HDC and then when I thought it was big enough for an egg (turns out it was wayyyyy too big, but it all worked out in the end!) I worked in the back loop for one round then continued with my circle. After a while I realised I needed to work the centre piece to work out how wide to make the rest of the circle! So I did a sc in each of the front loops and worked that up in hdc to what I thought was the height of an egg! In hindsight I probably needed to make it all just a smidgen taller! I then made 3 long chains and slip stitched back up them and then used that to weave together the big circle and the centre cylinder! and finally I added a chunky rope handle so mum can carry all of the eggs with one hand!

here’s a few more pictures!

As you can see, my middle section was WAY too big for our chooks relatively small eggs! But it does fit a small glass quite well so I use that to take them some corn 🙂 that tends to keep them happy! I had that glass sat like that for 10 minutes while I was taking pictures and they still didn’t figure out that the corn was inside it! strange chickens!

Oh and here’s a little chicken keeping hack! I once got a treat ball for them from the pet shop costing just under £5 I think and after a couple of uses they managed to work out how to open it! so instead of rolling it around and taking their time to eat the corn they just opened it up and guzzled it down! so I went to poundland and found a £1 “mini critter ball” We’ve had this one for a year now and they can’t get in! they love kicking it around! chicken with hamster ball - treat ball


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