Moving House – Winding Down

I am moving house! Yipee! I am moving from a village near Cambridge all the way down to Cornwall! I will be moving out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend 😀 (honestly I can’t stress how freaking excited I am about all this!!).

Not only am I moving but I am moving for the brilliant reason of gong to study a Masters degree! ooooooo! very swanky eh? I will be reading for a masters degree in Animal Behaviour! I will also be keeping up with this little blog and the etsy shop and the raverly store. But For the next few weeks every thing you see on here will be scheduled to go up in advance of us moving and we will be putting the etsy shop in vacation mode for a couple of weeks while we sort everything out and find a place for my wool stash 😉

This was just a quick little post to let you know what is happening and keep you all updated in the comings and goings of the blog 🙂

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