Obsession with Octopi

I have been crocheting amigurumis for a little over a year now. When I first started crocheting I did manage to make a dinosaur for my nephews 2nd birthday but I didn’t really fall in love with making stuffed critters. I think it was just too early in my crocheting adventure to try such a tricky pattern, also the yarn was too thin and my hook too large! But he still has Dino and still snuggles him, so you know, nearly 2 years on, it has survived quite well! Time has passed and having made plenty of hats and a blanket or two (or like seven…) I spotted a crochet octopus! and I just had to make one! and so I did, I found a pattern ( I believe it was this one) and I made one out of rainbow yarn and he was adorable! I gave him to my boyfriend to take on his 3 month trip to South Africa and he still keeps him perched on some books on his bookshelf!


People fell in love with my little rainbow octopuses so I was soon making them for everyone I know! Eventually I memorised the pattern, and I still tweak it every time I do it! I make sure no two octopus legs are the same! some are really twisty (if I have plenty of time and can be bothered with all the hdcs), some are more straight, some have a twist at the end, some twist at the other end!

crochet amigurumi octopi

After a while I had my first craft stall and I decided I would need to do something big, something to draw people’s eyes in. I was flicking through a crochet magazine that my boyfriend’s gran had “saved” and I saw it. This pattern by Kate E. Hancock  for Claude the Octopus was perfect! And so I gathered up some scrap yarn I had and over the course of 2 weeks ( I was working during the day, so only had evenings and weekends!) I pieced together Octoplod! I named him this because it felt like I was definitely plodding along in making him! The tentacles seemed to take forever!!


I still make the occasional octopus, I’ve recently moved down to Cornwall so I am looking to sell at a craft fair down here, nearer to the sea I think they will go down a storm! I have also made lots more sea creatures! I am particularly fond of the Octopus’ cousin the squid at the moment! I’ll be posting my pattern for little squids at the end of the week!

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