Little Squid Crochet Pattern

As you know from my last post about crochet octopi, I have a slight obsession with all different cephalopods! I was at a craft fair a couple of months ago and a lovely lady came up, very interested in my 8 legged friends as her 3 year old great nephew loves squids! I told her I would be able to make one for the next craft fair and I came home and set to work! I made a pattern, with a bit of frogging and tweaking and took 3 to the following craft fair. All three sold, one to the lady with the great nephew, one to a gentleman who sneakily came back to buy a present for his wife and one to a teenager who was finding it difficult not to grin!

IMG_1964 (2)

I make these guys and sell them on etsy but I have decided to share my pattern with you all! so these little squids can find their way across the world and spread some squiddy happiness!!

You will need:

  • some yarn- I used James C. Brett Party Time Chunky for this one
  • a matching crochet hook – I used a 4.5mm as I wanted to keep it relatively close so the stuffing wouldn’t pop out
  • 2 safety eyes – Ideally you want ones that look too big, but I just used ones I had to hand
  • scissors and a yarn needle for finishing

The stitches:

  • magic ring
  • slip stitch (slst)
  • single crochet (sc)
  • increase (inc)
  • decrease (dec)
  • half double crochet (hdc)
  • stitch counts are in brackets at the end of each round

a little note before you start – when crocheting this little fellow, he is worked in a continuous spiral, so you will need to mark the first stitch of each round (I use a scrap piece of yarn).

Round 1 – Form a magic ring and sc 6 times into it (6)
Round 2 – sc around (6)
Round 3 – inc in each stitch around (12)
Round 4 – sc around (12)
Round 5 – sc around (12)
Round 6 – *sc, inc* around (18)
Round 7 – sc around (18)
Round 8 – sc around (18)
Round 9 – dec around (9)
Round 10 – sc around (9)
Round 11 – sc around (9)
Round 12 – inc around (18)
Round 13 – sc around (18)
Round 14 – sc around (18)
Round 15 – *sc in next 2, inc* around (24)

And now you will want to put the eyes in – somewhere on round 10 will be good, roughly 4 stitches apart, but whatever looks good!

Next we will make a disk with 8 legs and 2 arms, then we will stitch this in to close the hole.

Round 1 – form a magic ring and sc into it 6 times (6)
Round 2 – inc around (12)
Round 3 – *sc, inc* around (18)
Round 4 – This is where we put all of the appendages! slip stitch into the first stitch then chain 14, turn and hdc in the 2nd chain from the hook and hdc along – put two hdc’s in some of the stitches to add twists, I like to make each leg different! when you get back to the disk slst into the next stitch round, then slst into the next one, ch 14 and repaet the process for the leg, sl st back to the base, then the next stitch and make another leg, do the same until you have 4 legs. at the end of the fourth leg, slst back to the base then chin 20 for an arm! turn and slst into the second chain from the hook, then sc in the next stitch, hdc in the next and dc in the one after, ch 2 and slst into the chain after the dc. sc along the length of the arm. slst back to the base and in the next st then chain 14 for a leg, repeat the process for 4 more legs and another arm! then finish up with a long tail so you can sew it in.

IMG_1963 (2)

the 18 stitches of the last round of the disk should be taken up like this:

  1. ch 14 for leg
  2. slst back to disk
  3. slst then ch 14 for leg
  4. slst back to disk
  5. slst then ch 14 for leg
  6. slst back to disk
  7. slst then ch 14 for leg
  8. slst back to disk and ch 20 for arm
  9. slst then ch 14 for leg
  10. slst back to disk
  11. slst then ch 14 for leg
  12. slst back to disk
  13. slst then ch 14 for leg
  14. slst back to disk
  15. slst then ch 14 for leg
  16. slst back to disk
  17. slst back to disk and ch 20 for arm
  18. slst back to disk

Next you will want to put a small amount of stuffing into your little squid friend and then sew the disk into the hole. I like to push the disk quite far up inside so the last couple of rounds of the body create a little squid skirt!

IMG_1961 (2)

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