A New Sofa needs a New Cushion!

If you have read my previous posts you may know that I have recently moved from Cambridgeshire to Cornwall! It was quite a long drive, especially as we had car trouble on the way! but we got here! We have spent the last week or so gathering furniture from various places and we now have a bed and a wardrobe and a fridge freezer arriving tomorrow! Yippee!
Last night we bought a sofa from a lovely gentleman who owns a fishing tackle shop (we’re definitely near the sea!) and so we now have something to sit on that isn’t camping chairs! While we were driving down I had a bag of crochet by my feet (and 2 cakes, a tin of shortbread, a cool bag with snacks and a small bin and 2 coats.. it was definitely cosy!) and I was working away on a cushion to make our flat feel a bit more like home! And here is the finished product, a scrappy platform 9 and 3 quarters cushion!

I like to think that Ginny would have had one of these on her bed while her brothers were at Hogwarts and she had to stay home for one more year!

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