How to move house and Crochet!

As you know from previous posts I have recently moved house! Here is how I did it and still managed to bring plenty of things to crochet to keep my sanity!

All of our things are coming down in many different waves. Both of our parents want to come down and visit us as we now live in a beautiful part of the country! So it didn’t make sense to hire an expensive van to bring every thing down! We decided to pack the “essentials” into our car and everything else would come down with whoever was next visiting! This meant that there wasn’t a huge amount of room for crochet and yarn…

As mentioned in my post about my platform 9 3/4s cushion I had a bag at my feet while we drove with that project in there, I also had an order I was working on in there too!

In the back of the car amongst the boxes of pots and pans and vacuum storage bags full of clothes I had my project bag. This is a super nifty little bag designed for colour work and works wonderfully for that, but also happened to be the perfect size and shape to fit all of my current projects in!

Inside there I managed to squeeze, a blanket I am working on for a special occasion that I cannot mention yet- but do not fear there will be a very long and detailed blog post when I can talk about it!! I also managed to fit a scrapghan in there, and another little blanket made of big blue triangles. I also squeezed in a sock and Luna Lovegoods scarf- which is complete but I am working on something that you will see in the coming weeks!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So as you can see I managed to bring quite a lot of crochet with me! I also put all of my stock of little sea critters that I sell on the etsy store into one of those vacuum storage bags, which meant that I could continue to keep the shop open. It seems funny that in the week that I have moved I have also had the most etsy orders!!

Finally before I moved I packed up all of my stash. I know I won’t have much space to store it here, so I limited myself to a single storage box for yarn. The rest will stay at my parents – I can always get mum to send me an emergency ration of yarn if needs be! I also went through all of my tools and got rid of some and neatened the rest up, it’s quite incredible how many hooks you can find when you sort through everything!!

So that’s how I moved house and carried on crocheting! AND kept the etsy shop up and running at the same time!

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