Dream Catcher

After moving house we had a few curtain rings spare. Instead of throwing them in a drawer “in case we need them” I decided to make something out of them instead! And this is where this cute little thing came from!


I did 50 single crochets into the ring then made the dream catcher-y bit as you normally would, but instead of going around the hoop on the first round I used a needle to stitch the thread into the crochet stitches. Then I threaded the ribbon into the stitches on the bottom. I used a yarn needle to poke the ribbon through the button holes (the eye was too big to go through!). I cut little felt feathers,threaded the ribbon through and tied a knot on the other side!

This dream catcher turned out so cute! I think I will hang it on our bedroom window to brighten it up a little!

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