Revamping a bag

*yeah, I know, my posts have been few and far between! But I have just started my masters degree so you know!* 

I have to commute quite a way to my new university, so I needed a way to take my laptop with me (and any books I need to read and notebooks and pens and things!) So I dug out an old horrible looking laptop bag 

And some pretty bumble bee fabric

And I cut the fabric to roughly the right size, a little bigger so I had some seam allowance and, using a ladder stitch, I hand sewed the pretty fabric over the top of the boring black fabric!

I then decided to cut off the rubber zip pulls and replace them with pretty ribbon I had.

And finally I added some pretty blue fabric on some other bits of the black 

And finally I went to my first day of uni with a pretty awesome little bag! And filled it with massive text books on stats and animal behaviour! 

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