Neglected Blog

Oh Louise!

You’ve not posted in forever! What are you doing?!

Well, I have started my masters degree, I have had quite a few Etsy orders AND I have joined a cub group AND I have become a volunteer dog walker! so I have been quite busy!

I have been back at uni for 3 weeks now, and I have now worked out where all my classes are (except the one that keeps moving! I think I will just have to hunt for that one each week!). I have met plenty of project supervisors to discuss potential projects and have finally settled on the “using computer models to work out why bumblebees are fluffy” one!

I have been getting a fair few Etsy orders, including custom one! I love custom orders, it’s always so fun to work out the best way to make something, for example I had a custom order for a little white seal and the lady asked if I could put a pouch on it because her friend has a special stone she wants to keep safe and loves seals! such a cute idea!! As soon as it arrived I had a message saying it was absolutely perfect! just what I wanted to hear!!

I have joined a cub group and I am off on cub camp this afternoon! They all went to an awesome sleepover last week where they slept in the shark tunnel at an aquarium! but I couldn’t go because I was at my best friends wedding on the Saturday (oh! that’s another thing that happened!!). I have been going down to their weekly sessions (where my lectures let me!) and having great fun doing cub things with them! we tested out the tents last week to check they were all in order!

And finally I have joined the universities volunteer dog walking service. They walk dogs for people who can’t do it for themselves at the moment. For example on Tuesday I am going with my friend to walk Max and Lola, a husky cross and a German shepherd whose owner had a riding accident and can’t take them for the good long walk they need for at least 6 months!

And in between all of that I have been crocheting! I haven’t really been designing any patterns (except the custom order seal, you might see that in a few weeks!) but I have made a few things, a pretty big chameleon (just because I felt like it!) but he needs his legs sewing on! and I’ve made a harry potter scarf (that needs the ends weaving in and tassels putting on!). I’ve started a granny square type blanket, that’s not even the size of a napkin yet! and I’ve started a few Christmas presents too!

Well, hopefully that will have given you an update on my life 😛 hopefully once I am a bit more in the swing of things I will be able to find the time to carry on with this blog and share some more awesome patterns and things! But for now I ask you just to be patient!


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