The Nagging Doubt

I don’t know if any of you have seen the Swinton insurance adverts? The ones with the little fuzzy “Nagging Doubt”?


I was contacted back in October and asked if I could make one. I said “YES!” of Course! I love crocheting random things and sometimes I just need a little bit of inspiration!

I ended up ordering special eyes to put on there and I went a bought a specific hair brush to brush out the hairs. any way, this is how the little thing turned out… he looks a lot more creepy in the photos than he did in real life!!


I was later contacted by the customer to say she had gifted the nagging doubt to her friend (who was having nagging doubts about having a baby) and that her friend absolutely loved him! – it’s that sort of feeling that makes me want to keep crocheting and makes me especially happy to accept custom orders!

If you are interested in a custom order – maybe you want a superhero dinosaur? or an otter? or a one eyed cat? feel free to message me over on Etsy or Facebook!

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