Methods to Crochet a Graphgan


(sorry! I have been hunting around to try and decide how I want to crochet my  other 6 squares)

For the British Wildlife CAL I am designing 12 graph patterns – I was originally intending to make all 12 of them into big granny square pixel blankets, but I have decided that – what with my master’s degree – I probably don’t have the time to do them all justice, and get the patterns up AND do my dissertation 😦

So I have compromised and decided I will do 6 big old blankets and turn the other 6 patterns into a blanket by them selves (either 6 squares as a blanket or 4 as the blanket and 2 as a cushion… I haven’t decided that yet either!!)

Which means that I need a different method to make these awesome critters!

The first crochet graphing method I learnt was corner to corner or c2c – I did a 25×100 graph of the Hogwarts castle (obviously!!) and decided that the blanket was going to be WWWAAYYYY too big if I carried on doing all the squares that I wanted to do in that size!


Crochet Hogwarts castle
Hogwarts Castle in Corner to Corner (pattern from Two Hearts Crochet Facebook group)

The next way that I learnt to crochet up a graph was mini c2c! this is using half double crochets rather than double crochets and works up quite a bit smaller than the big version! I did most of the rest of the blanket in this style

Hogwarts houses in mini corner to corner (pattern from Two Hearts Crochet)

The final way that I graphed things on this blanket was to do bobble stitch – I did this for Fawkes and Hedwig. I decided to do a single crochet background as I found it to use up a lot less yarn than doing every single square as a bobble! After I had made these I realised that everything was different sizes so I needed *something* to fill in the awkward gaps… which led to the bobble stitch spells! I did one in each house colour

So that was my Harry potter blanket finished!! (to see more pictures go to my commissions page)

But Alex over at Two Hearts Crochet was just staring a Firefly CAL – I didn’t need another blanket but I really wanted to make some of these patterns! So in the end I compromised and made a bag instead! My Random Fandom bag! All of the patterns on this bag were made in single crochets! That’s ANOTHER way to crochet up a graph!!


Finally I made Percival Puffin – who is made of tiny little 2 round granny squares! If you want to join the adventure of crocheting 12 blankets (or squares) follow this link to take you to the page about the British Wildlife CAL.


And then there’s so many more ways to graph things! when I get round to doing them I’ll link to them here.

There’s block stitch which looks so pretty! and you can either have the background colour running through or not and then there’s mini block stitch too.

You can graph in single crochets with 4 stitches to each block on the graph, or you can do double crochets and have 2 stitches per block.

Another way is to use waffle stitch – I haven’t looked too much into this one but I assume (having once made a waffle stitch scarf) that it would be quite similar to the double crochet method!



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