Errol The Elephant

My wonderful lovely boyfriend bought me a whole load of yarn for Christmas – it was this bundle from Hobbycraft – and he let me buy a pattern for something I have really wanted to try for quite some time. African flower creatures have always looked so complex and amazing and ever since I first learnt to crochet I have wanted to make one!

So I downloaded Nellie the elephant by Heidi Bear Designs and for the rest of the Christmas period, I was working on Errol.


I followed the pattern for the most part, but I didn’t bother putting a weight in, I thought it would be ok without. and he can stand on his 4 legs just fine, but next time I will put a weight in because he does tip onto his trunk quite easily.

I used snap on safety eyes so I had to put them in while making those motifs or he wasn’t going to have any eyes! and I decided to make the trunk point upwards instead of down (I thought this would help with the tipping problem!)

Another thing I decided to do was stuff into a pair of dark tights inside him. Because the joins are made in black I felt like he would look a little odd with white stuffing coming out of the stitches. The tights meant I could stuff him more firmly than I usually would because the stuffing couldn’t escape!


Overall I thought the pattern was beautifully written and had plenty of instructions – I wish I had purchased the pattern before now, I think I would have been able to make this little guy a lot sooner, but the pictures always seemed to look so much more advanced! If you are thinking about making an African flower critter, I highly recommend you to do it! the results turn out beautiful and the process is a lot simpler than I thought!

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