British Wildlife Crochet Along – Part 2 – Delilah the Dormouse

I love dormice! they are just so dang cute! So I made a blanket of one! Meet Delilah!



You can grab the pattern over in the British Wildlife CAL Facebook group – she can be found in the files section 🙂

and here is a little FactFile about Dormice!… because I did one for Percival and now Delilah is insisting she gets one!

  • Dormice at TINY they weigh up to 40g but lose half of this weight when they hibernate!
  • Dormice are important pollinators – they like to eat nectar so pollen gets stuck on their whiskers 🙂
  • Dormice fossils have been found… and they are 30million years old!
  • there are now only around 45000 dormice in the UK and they have become extinct in 7 counties 😦
  • AThe dormice that live in the UK are called hazel dormice (because they like hazelnuts!) – there are 33 species worldwide though!

And here is a list of the Yarns I used 🙂

  • 25g pink – Marriner DK (Pale Rose)
  • 25g black – Women’s Institue Premium Acrylic (black)
  • 50g very light brown  (belly) – Marriner DK (biscuit)
  • 50g cream (feet) – something from my stash… I have no idea what it was, but it was the right colour!
  • 50g brown (tail) – Marriner DK (mink)
  • 300g light brown (body) – Women’s Institute Premium Acrylic (biscuit)
  • 400g background colour yarn – Marriner Twister DK (Pink Fashion)

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