How to Put a Fabric Backing on a Crochet Blanket

I love putting backs on my blankets 🙂 they look much more finished off, especially when the design isn’t reversible like lettering! it also means it is easy to hide those dreaded ends you don’t want to sew in or if you carry your yarns a little too messily 😉

Most people back their crochet with fleece – they use one of those fancy rotary cutters to put holes in the fleece and then crochet straight into it. The first blanket I backed I put half of a duvet cover on it because it was the right size and looked a whole lot cooler than a big blank bit of fleece 😛 This meant I had to figure out a different way to attach it! so I came up with my own plan and I’m going to share it with you now!

I made this blanket for my lovely friend and her husband as a wedding present! and obviously, because they need to be super snuggly I figured I would put some fleece on the back 🙂

Mr and Mrs wedding blanket

The first step to my version of backing a blanket is to block your blanket then, once dried and no longer pinned down, lay the crochet blanket on top of the fleece. Cut the fleece a cm or so wider than the crochet as your crochet part will stretch that little bit more.


(sorry for the terribly blurry picture there!)

Next, you want to hand sew a blanket stitch around the edge of your fabric – there are tonnes of tutorials on this simple stitch if you just google 🙂 After that, you want to pin your blanket down to the fabric!

Now you are pinned you are going to use a technique used in quilting to create hand-tied quilts. What you are going to want to do is thread some yarn on your needle that is the length of your blanket! yeah – That’s a lot of yarn right! Then with the crochet side of your blanket facing up, you will run a long line of what is essentially running stitch along your blanket. BUT the thing is – you want the stitches on the crochet side to be about 15cm long and the ones on the fleece side to be miniscule! less than half a cm! You’ll want to repeat this evenly along your blanket


Alright, now you will have a whole load of lines along your pretty crochet blanket making it look rather silly. Next is the bit that is going to sound odd! you want to cut all of those long stitches roughly in half. And now, you will be left with a whole load of ends all over your blanket!

After this, you will need to tie all of the pairs of ends together, so essentially you have a single stitch on the fleece side and a knot on the crochet side – like the image below



So now you have tied all the ends together you can… sew them all in to hide them! yay 😀 or do as I did on my other blanket – the one for myself that I still haven’t sewn the ends of the border in 2 years after I finished it…. and just tuck them into the middle using a crochet hook 🙂

Ok! so we now have the fleece attached to the main body of the crochet! yippee! almost done! Remember all that blanket stitch you id earlier? Well, this is where we are going to use it! you are going to single crochet around the edge of your crochet blanket and pick up the loops of the blanket stitch as you go around like this picture below 🙂


So after you have done one round of single crochets around you can carry on and do whichever sort of border you would like! You’ll end up with a gorgeous crochet blanket on one side and a fleece blanket with a lovely scalloped border on the other side!



I hope all your blanket projects turn out wonderfully 🙂


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