Current WIPs

Once upon a time, I thought I would do a monthly – “what I’m working on” sort of blog post… and I never stuck to it! So I thought I would let you all know what I am currently doing and how it is all turning out!

I have a craft fair to go to in April – I say “go to” – I won’t actually be there, I’ll be on a boat on my way to my uni’s field trip!! but Alex will be at the craft fair selling both my crochet critters and his leather wallets. Our Etsy shop is called Stag and Doe Craft for that reason… we both sell on there! So I have been making a few octopi and some dinosaurs as they normally sell well at fairs like that 🙂


I have also recently finished a cushion made of both March and April’s patterns for the British Wildlife CAL – I can’t share a picture because that would be giving it all away and you wouldn’t have a lovely surprise! but go and check out the facebook group and join everyone in trying to guess!

On that note I have started May’s blanket – Again, it’s a secret! I have a lot of deadlines in May so I feel the need to give myself plenty of time to get the blanket done! I am not too far into this, I’ve only worked on it for a couple of hours and I have been desperately trying to weave in the ends as I go (blog post about ends will be on its way shortly!!)

I have made a couple of hats recently! My lovely granny misplaced all of her warm hats (possibly in a bag that went to the charity shop!!!!) so I made her a new one, but I liked it too much because I accidentally pulled Gryffindor colours out of my yarn basket and… well… I’ve kept it! but I did make another one and sent that one to her! The pattern I used was Sarah Arnold’s Divine Hat and it was absolutely delightful to make once I got my head around it and it was surprisingly quick too!


Finally! I have been making a rather large octopus! although he is a three-and-a-quarter-topus at the moment! I am making this fellow for my knit and natter group as they are going to yarnbomb the town in October – Although I will be moving away before then! which will be quite sad, but I’m sure they will send me plenty of pictures!! Oh! and I have written down the pattern for this fellow – so once he is finished you can all make one 😀


So I have been quite busy with my crochet recently! a whole host of new critters have been flying off my hook! and some pretty useful stuff too! Let me know what you’ve been making in the comments!!

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