British Wildlife CAL – Part 5 – Fenton the Fox

I did my undergraduate dissertation researching urban fox behaviour, it was great fun setting up camera traps and watching their what they got up to at night time 🙂
Fenton the fox is an energetic little fellow who likes to go for an evening jog (but really, that’s his morning jog!).

I HAVEN’T GOT A REALLY NICE PICTURE OF THE FINISHED FENTON YET! I am still weaving in the ends! so for now, here is the -slightly unfinished- product.


You can grab the pattern over in the British Wildlife CAL Facebook group – she can be found in the files section 🙂 Or you can find this pattern over on my ravelry page 🙂

And here is a little FactFile about Foxes!

  • Foxes actually eat mostly worms! and rubbish – they will eat anything they can get a hold of, but their diet in rural areas consists of a lot of worms and bugs
  • They have over 28 different calls to communicate with each other
  • Red foxes are one of the most abundant predators in the world – owing to the fact that they can adapt so well to living in close contact with humans
  • A huge red fox was killed in Scotland after starting to feed on lambs! it weighed 17.2kg, the normal size for a red fox is around 7kg
  • Adult males are called dogs, females are called vixens and their babies are called kits

And here is a list of the Yarns I used – the amounts are for making a granny square blanket!  🙂

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