Top Tips for Student Crocheters

I am a student studying for a masters degree in Animal Behaviour. I am also, as you may have guessed, a very avid crocheter! So here are my top tips for crocheting while being a student, as well as some random thoughts I have had on the topic!

*This blog post contains affiliate links (I’m a student 😉 )

  1. crochet hooks don’t have to be expensive – you can make a wonderful array of things with a cheap set of crochet hooks, or invest in some slightly nicer ones, but you still don’t need £50-a-hook hooks to make wonderful blankets or sweet amigurumi! In case you are wondering – this is the set I tend to use! ( a similar set can be found here)
  2. Yarn doesn’t have to be expensive – yes, I know, that wonderfully soft merino ball of squishy indie-dyed loveliness is wonderful, but at £40 you could buy 40 balls of bog-standard acrylic in all sorts of colours! which means you could spend 40 times the amount of time crocheting and enjoying your hobby!
  3. Make things to do with your course – It will inspire you to do better! obviously studying animal behaviour I have plenty of subjects to crochet! For example, if you study chemistry you could crochet some cute molecules! I started making a whole long list of things to crochet for other subjects, but I think that could make a whole new blog post! so look out for that next week!
  4. Crochet while you commute – I have an hour and a half train journey each way to uni, so I spend that time crocheting – the people on the train love to see what I am up to and I get to mentally prepare myself for the day ahead and unwind before I even get home in the evening 🙂33130971_10212155274582786_3949002504871608320_n
  5. think about your work while you crochet – our hobby is one of immense relaxation, but I tend to find I think my best thoughts about bumblebee behaviour and how to tweak my mathematical model for my research project while mindlessly single crocheting yet another round of a squirrel leg!
  6. DON’T LET CROCHET GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR WORK! (yes, I am writing this instead of an essay that is due in 2 days! I am a terrible procrastinator!) but seriously, although crochet is a wonderful hobby for relaxing and thinking, don’t let it take over 🙂33077968_10212155275022797_5686265524258865152_n
  7. Don’t freak yourself out over the fact that your crochet hobby isn’t earning you an income. This is one of the most tricky things I have found, while studying I don’t have *time* for a job, I have a few hours here and there of an evening but I wouldn’t be able to keep up to a schedule. So I sell my crochet critters and also my patterns, but as I don’t have the time to spend on marketing and all that jazz, neither make much progress! The only thing I can suggest is network! but again, you are a student first, a crochet critter designer second!
  8. And my final tip – a craft like crochet can mean cheap gifts for everyone you love! I made this beautiful blanket for my lovely friends who got married and all for the cost of yarn and a bit of fleece… I mean, it took a stupidly long time! and every stitch had a bit of my love for them in it 🙂28208197_10211496410831604_892951411_o.jpg

I hope my tips and random thoughts have inspired and or helped you in any way 🙂

Feel free to let me know about any of your hints and tips for students who crochet!

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