Crochet Inspiration From Studying

As I said in last weeks post full of tips for student crocheters, I often have inspiration from the subjects I am studying – I devised a pattern for amigurumi goats while studying their social networks on a field trip to Lundy Island. I am currently making an oversized anatomically correct bumblebee for my project supervisor (my project involves bumblebees!). And I am making a squirrel for our programme convener because that is what she studies – she is looking into the differences in their personalities and how it affects their learning ability 🙂

I love sharing my love of critters with you guys which is why I started the British Wildlife CAL to share the more unusual British critters, along with those that are well known and loved 🙂

Anyway – onto the list of ideas of things to crochet inspired by all sorts of different subjects you could possibly be studying!

  • Chemistry –
    • molecules
    • lab equipment (with eyes! make it adorable!!)
  • Biology –
    • plants
    • animals – ALL OF THE CRITTERS
  • Physics –
    • The solar system is a good place to start! There’s a wonderful blanket over on Two Hearts Crochet
    • What about a crochet atom?! ooooo that would be cool!
  • Maths –
    • crochet IS maths! you are adding and multiplying and working with fractals without even knowing it!
  • English –
    • crochet your favourite literary characters
      • harry potter and his buddies
      • Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth
      • Oliver Twist and Artful Dodger
      • Romeo and Juliet
  • My lovely boyfriend has suggested “surveying” as a subject you might study (it’s what he studies!) –
    • a total station
  • Geography –
    • THE WORLD!
    • things inspired by the flags of the world!
  • Drama/film-
    • Characters from plays
    • theatre props
    • graphghans of your favourite musicals!
  • Psychology-
    • A BRAIN! with all different colours for the different sections – oh my goodness! you could make it so it can split in half and you can see all the inside sections!
  • Teaching-
    • make an apple 🙂 Teachers love apples right?
    • crochet things to use in your future lessons! going o teach about the weather cycle? crochet it!

So there is a WHOLE bunch of ideas to inspire you! and by no means do you have to stick to your subject! think about your other hobbies – if you like photography you could crochet a camera… or you know… a bag for your camera!

There are so many endless possibilities!

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