Crochet Pattern Spotlight: The Giant Octopus

I’ve decided to start doing a monthly pattern spotlight! In these posts, I will tell you all about one of my favourite patterns, whether it’s my own or someone else’s!

This months spotlight pattern is one of my own and a relatively new one at that! We will be looking at the Giant Octopus pattern, which can be found on my Ravelry store!


I was asked by the ladies in my knit and natter group if I could make a giant octopus for them for their yarn bombing in October. So I obviously said yes and went scouring for patterns. Although I found a few big octopus patterns, most of them were too detailed for what I was looking for. I needed something that would be simple and work up quite quickly, I didn’t want to spend months on intricate details that wouldn’t be seen from a distance during the yarn bombing. Essentially my octopi needed to be bright, and a blob with 8 legs and maybe some suckers!


To make them I use two strands of double knit yarn at once and a 6.5mm hook, which means that the end up quite massive! each leg is roughly 1m long and the suckers are made as you make the leg, so there’s no sewing on suckers! The head is slightly larger than a rugby ball, which is the easiest way I think I can explain the size! Bruce did get photobombed by a labrador, which shows off his size quite well:


We took them to the beach for photos and managed to convince the lovely guy at the RNLI lifeboat station in Looe to let us take some pictures of the octopi on the boats and the tractors! don’t they look so happy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So after the wonderful trip to their natural habitat and an adventure with the lifeboats I have decided that 10% of each pattern sold will go to the RNLI! If you would like to purchase this pattern then follow this link 🙂

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