How to Find Crojo/ What I’m Currently Making

I’m cold, tired and cranky. The glorious sunshine of the last few weeks has faded to miserable grey skies. I haven’t been able to sleep well all week because I have bed bug bites on my neck and shoulder from the youth hostel I stayed in last week. AND I didn’t get the job, the interview was the reason I stayed in the silly youth hostel in the first place!

I can’t have anything touching my shoulder or it itches, so my hair is up, I’m in a vest top with the strap under my arm instead of over my shoulder and I have an ice pack nearby to cool the itch when it gets too much!

all of this means I can’t focus on anything! not uni work, or crochet or even watching movies! I have gone from one thing to the other, giving up my halfhearted attempts to occupy myself!

I have plenty of different things I could make…

  • I could finish the back for the cushion I am making for the July section of the Britsh Wildlife Crochet Along
  • I could work on August’s blanket -I’ve started and it’s already cute!
  • I have a blanket I am knitting (YES! KNITTING 😮 ) but I can’t face the endless spirals!
  • I have plans for a giant, but realistically proportioned bumblebee but until I work out how I’m going to do her wings I just can’t face starting her!
  • I’m making myself a nice summery top in pretty blue cotton, but I can’t remember what the pattern was and I’ve started this top 3 times over with different patterns! – it’s just not inspiring me!
  • I need to make the goodbye presents for my cub pack! it’s our last meeting on Monday and I was hoping to have a wolf ready to give to them!

I know that what I need to do is to crochet something quick and small so I think I will go on the hunt for this months pattern spotlight. I tend to find that by completing something small and new, I am more inclined to go back to those projects that I have hidden away deep in my basket by the sofa!

yes. this was a horribly ranty post! I know! but I just needed to get all of my frustrations out!! (sorry for that!) here’s a clue as to what the next crochet along critter is!

animal avian bird duck
Photo by Pixabay on

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