A Bit of an Update


I gave a bit of an update as to what I am aiming to do over the next month or two in terms of this blog and designing patterns and videos in my latest live stream over on youtube. But as I haven’t actually mentioned in any of these posts what the heeby-jeebies I am doing you guys have no idea!!

I am currently hoping to do a live stream every other Thursday where I tell you all about the various projects I am making and all that jazz! So if you are free at 2pm then head on over to my youtube channel, you can find it by searching for Thoughts From a Doe, or just click here!

So my plans for over there are to upload videos explaining how to crochet various patterns I have designed! So far I have a video ready to upload to go with this scarf pattern:


I am also in the process of working out a whole series of videos and patterns to help you guys develop your cable crochet skills with a series of at least 3 but possibly 5 cable hat tutorials! these will obviously have a written pattern as well, but the tutorials will walk you right through how to crochet the hats!


Each of these videos will obviously have a corresponding blog post, so hopefully, you guys will be hearing an awful lot more from me in the coming few months! If you want to support me to continue designing and creating patterns then I encourage you to either buy a pattern from my Ravelry store or if you want a free pattern and ongoing discounts then head over to my Patreon page where you can essentially give me a “tip” each month in return for various perks!

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