My Hogwarts Crochet Toolbox

Hey everyone!

It’s the end of September! and you know what that means?! All those 11 year old witches and wizards have been back at Hogwarts for a whole month!!!

I saw someone post on a facebook group the other day that crochet is like magic, wave a stick, mumble words under your breath and hey presto! here’s a blanket! it made me laugh, so I thought I would share with you my Hogwarts themed crochet tool storage!

My wonderful mother-in-law-to-be got me this awesome crate for Christmas and I knew immediately that it would be brilliant for keeping all my quidditch supplies- I mean – crochet tools in.

So I set to work finding all sorts of odd jars to keep bits and bobs in, I have one for stray hooks and pens and scissors, one for jingly bells (Halloween is nearly here, and that means Christmas isn’t too far away!!) I have plenty of safety eyes and noses, because it’s useful to have those handy when creating lots of creatures! And I have a couple of jars that I have customised for various bits too!


The first one is this jar full of buttons! it was originally a curry jar, but the shape of it was pretty cool so I decided that so long as I put something over the lid I could make it look more magical :p So I added a needle cushion to it! I was forever getting told off for sticking my needles in the arm of the sofa, so I needed somewhere, within arms reach, for them to go! I used this pretty red and yellow checked fabric (GO! GO GRYFFINDOR!) and used a sharpie to colour in the rest of what could be seen on the lid!imag2512

The next fancy jar I have is my ends jar… essentially it’s a bin! but I love the way all the cut of bits of yarn look curled up in a jar, and again, having it in arms reach means those ends are much less likely to end up being trailed all around the house 😉 You might be wondering what it says on there… as I was making the cover for the jar lid I decided I needed some sort of potion ingredient or *something* magical to label it with. After looking through lists of potion ingredients I realised quite a few of them were in Latin, so I figured, why not translate “wool ends” into Latin. “Semina lana erunt” is pretty mystical sounding if you ask me!

So that’s what’s in my wonderful box of crochet magic! what would you put in your box? let me know in the comments!


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