5 Hat Patterns to Crochet this Autumn

I have been working on some hat patterns recently and in doing so I have researched plenty of them! I have made a few and I thought I would share my favourite patterns with you!

Number one is one I made for my Gran, I actually made this last winter, but hey! it will certainly work this season too! The pattern is the Divine Hat by Sarah Arnold and it was really simple to follow! and turns out looking gorgeous!


Next is one I haven’t made but is on my list! My Nephew loves Ironman, so I think I am going to make him a hat like this for his birthday! This Ironman hat pattern is by A Chick W/ Sticks and she has some awesome patterns for other Avengers hats too!


The third hat pattern that I have fallen in love with this autumn is this snowball slouch hat by left in knots – this gorgeous pattern has a beautiful texture and I’m excited to give it a go! There’s also a matching mitten pattern too!


I know! It’s not Christmas time yet! but you could easily make this in a solid/ombre orangey colour and it would look beautiful! I love the simplicity of the granny stitch for a hat, and this one has a brilliant shape! It would also look lovely with a pompom on the end!



Finally, as you may have seen from my previous couple of posts, I have been working on a series of hat patterns myself!  The pattern for the first of these will be uploaded on Tuesday! so look forward to that!img_20180913_135638

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