About Me


My name is Louise! I love to crochet and figured I could set up a little blog and tell the world what I am up to!

I first learnt to crochet in 2015 when I spent 3 months at The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall. The nearest town was an hours walk away and the internet was on a timer so we only had it during the evenings. This meant that on days off it was pretty boring (during “days on” we would spend time looking after the monkeys, so after a the first week or two spending a rainy day wandering around watching them it wasn’t that fun!!) So I taught myself to crochet with the help of a few youtube videos in the evening and some packages of wool sent from my Mum and Gran! I soon had a wonderful granny square/starburst blanket! I also started making monkey hats for all the volunteers, they’d pay for the wool and I’d make a hat for them! by the end of my 3 month placement not only had I fallen in love with the monkeys, but with a new craft too.

I have been crocheting pretty much solidly since! Crochet really helps me to find my zen and I can no longer sit down to watch TV without a hook and some yarn!

I sell my creations through the etsy shop I share with my boyfriend called Stag and Doe Craft

And any patterns I write up go on my Raverly page as well as on this blog