My Hogwarts Crochet Toolbox

Hey everyone! It’s the end of September! and you know what that means?! All those 11 year old witches and wizards have been back at Hogwarts for a whole month!!! I saw someone post on a facebook group the other day that crochet is like magic, wave a stick, mumble words under your breath and […]

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Crosses and Lines Scarf

This scarf pattern came about because I wanted to create a pattern with a subtle texture that didn’t subtract from the beautiful colour blocks I knew would appear as I crocheted a rainbow cake! The combination of crossed double crochets and occasional front post and back post rows gives the front a gently ribbed effect, […]

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A Bit of an Update

Hey!!!! I gave a bit of an update as to what I am aiming to do over the next month or two in terms of this blog and designing patterns and videos in my latest live stream over on youtube. But as I haven’t actually mentioned in any of these posts what the heeby-jeebies I […]

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