Here is basically a long list of all of the various different things I have made as commissions for people (or super big projects I have made for myself) that I want to show off!

If you see something you like and would be interested in me making you something similar then feel free to contact me!

Harry Potter Blanket

I made this one for myself! I just really needed a Harry Potter Blanket in my life! I got most of the graphs for the squares from the wonderful Alex over at Two Hearts Crochet. This was my very first “graphghan” but by the end of it I managed to design the marauders square and also the 4 spell sections with the spells written in bobble stitch which gives a wonderful raised appearance!

Granny’s Christmas Blanket

This blanket was part of the Groovyghan Cal by Keep Calm And Crochet On. I made this one for my Granny for Christmas. The green yarn is my great granddads old knitting machine yarn. She gave it to me when I was first learning to crochet and so I thought I would make her something with it in return! The blanket ended up being a little wavy because the green was thinner than the purple which in turn was slightly thinner than the cream. But I know how to stop this now and could make you the perfect blanket f you so desired!

Nagging Doubt

nagging doubt.png


I was asked to make a nagging doubt for a customer over on Etsy – Go check out the blog post about it here!

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